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Exploring Legal Education and Other Things to Do in Havana, Cuba

If you’re planning your trip and looking for things to do in Havana, Cuba, you’re definitely not alone. This vibrant city is one of the best places for cultural delights, vintage cars, and unique experiences.

In fact, finding the best things to do in Havana, Cuba, can actually be quite overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve curated this list to help you navigate through the city’s rich offerings. 

Plus, we’ll explore the ways Destination CLEs is set to revolutionize legal education with their upcoming Eduvacation℠ conference in Havana. This event, unlike any other, offers an immersive experience into the world of law, right in the heart of Cuba’s vibrant capital. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to gain insights from leading legal professionals regarding Cuban law and legal reforms, participate in engaging workshops, and network with peers from around the globe. 

This conference is more than just a learning experience; it’s a chance to explore a rich culture, meet like-minded individuals, and broaden your legal perspective in an inspiring setting.

Plus, while you’re here, you’ll get to discover the enchantment of Havana, where time stands still in vibrant moments. 

From its breathtaking architecture to its bustling street markets, there’s something to captivate every kind of traveler here. Read on as we dive into the myriad of experiences waiting for you in this lively city.

Havana, Cuba: A City of History and Culture

Visiting Havana is like entering a living museum. The city’s vibrant history echoes through its beautiful buildings of colonial architecture and time-honored landmarks.

Havana’s cultural richness makes it an irresistible destination for tourists seeking the authentic Cuban experience.

Preserving Architectural Heritage

Old Havana or ‘La Habana Vieja’, a UNESCO World Heritage site, serves as the beating heart of this historical treasure trove. Here, you’ll get to stroll down cobblestone streets lined with pastel-colored buildings dating back to the 16th century, each narrating tales from different eras in Cuban history.

This area underwent significant transformation under City Historian Eusebio Leal who spearheaded efforts to protect Havana’s architectural heritage through extensive restoration projects.

Intricate Spanish Colonial and Baroque styles are on display throughout Old Havana, providing visitors with insights into pivotal moments in Cuban history during their visit to this Caribbean gem.

Cultural Landmarks Worth Exploring

Your journey around central Havana should include visits to grand plazas such as Plaza de la Catedral and iconic structures like El Capitolio – reminiscent of the United States Washington D.C.’s Capitol Building – which stand testament to Cuban culture’s rich tapestry over centuries.

Fidel Castro’s memorial and Hemingway’s home, Finca Vigía, now turned museum, offer further glimpses into notable figures that have shaped Cuba’s narrative, making your trip more than just sightseeing, but also a valuable learning opportunity.

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Exploring Central Havana’s Architectural Wonders

In Central Havana, the city’s rich history and architectural magnificence are visible in its many landmarks. It’s here that you can truly immerse yourself in Cuban culture while exploring stunning architecture.

This area boasts several must-visit sites such as Plaza de Armas, which is known for its antique book stalls surrounded by historic buildings including El Templete, which marks the site where the first mass was held after the founding of Havana.

Free Walking Tour of Old Havana

To fully appreciate these historical gems, consider joining one of the many free walking tours around Old Havana. These guided explorations offer insights into Cuban history and take you through UNESCO heritage sites within this district.

A few of these tours include:

  1. Necropolis Cristobal Colon Cemetery: This sprawling necropolis houses over 800,000 graves marked with beautiful monuments reflecting ecclesial architecture from different periods in history.

  2. The Gran Teatro de La Habana: A grand theater home to ballet performances housed in an ornate building dating back to the early 20th century.

  3. El Capitolio: An iconic landmark reminiscent of the U.S Capitol Building but slightly taller; it now hosts the Cuban congress.

The Unique Nightlife in Havana

As the light of day fades away, Cuba’s capital city transforms into a whole new world. The vibrant nightlife of Havana comes alive with an array of experiences that cater to all tastes and preferences.

In essence, whether you’re looking for a lively dance performance or want to immerse yourself in authentic Cuban culture, Havana’s nightlife offers it all. 

Here are some highlights:

  1. Hotel Nacional De Cuba: No visit to this pulsating metropolis would be complete without experiencing its emblematic landmark. This historic hotel has been graced by numerous celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, and even Che Guevara since 1930 and continues being synonymous with elegance and sophistication today. 

  2. Cabaret Show: Enjoy professional dancers performing against live bands playing infectious rhythms under starlit skies for a truly unforgettable experience.

  3. Afro-Cuban Performances: Dive into cultural immersion through captivating performances showcasing rich Afro-Cuban traditions at the popular spot, Fabrica de Arte Cubano (Cuban Art Factory).

  4. Nightly Cannon-Firing Ceremony: Participate in El Canonazo de las Nueve – a nightly cannon-firing ceremony held at La Cabana fort harking back centuries when cannons signaled closing city gates during colonial times.

Taste of Cuban Cuisine

When you’re in Havana, the culinary scene is not something to be missed. The city’s gastronomic offerings are as diverse and vibrant as its culture.

You’ll find a mix of upscale restaurants and local “paladares,” or private eateries serving traditional dishes that give an authentic taste of Cuba’s rich food heritage.

Savoring Traditional Delights at La Bodeguita del Medio

If there’s one perfect place on your dining itinerary while visiting Havana, it should be La Bodeguita del Medio. This restaurant exudes a lively atmosphere where locals rub shoulders with tourists for good reason – their mojitos are legendary.

Famed author Ernest Hemingway was known to frequent this establishment during his time in Cuba, declaring their version of the classic cocktail to be unsurpassed anywhere else in town.

A Taste Of Luxury At El Floridita

For those seeking more high-end fare, El Floridita offers an exquisite dining experience steeped in history dating back to 1817. Renowned for its seafood platters and cocktails alike, it boasts another claim-to-fame: being home to what many consider the best daiquiri around.

This iconic bar-restaurant has been winning over discerning palates for centuries now; so why not add yours? It’s all part-and-parcel when exploring Havana – whether you’re here purely on vacation or attending our upcoming Eduvacation℠ conference that’s exclusively designed for lawyers who love to explore.

No matter which route your culinary journey takes, rest assured that each bite will offer up delightful surprises along the way.

The Artistic Side of Havana

Another incredible way to enjoy a trip to Havana is through art. Art is not just an afterthought in the cityscape of Havana. Instead, it’s a vibrant part of everyday life, with murals and sculptures transforming public spaces into open-air art galleries.

This becomes apparent when you visit places like Fusterlandia, nestled within the Jaimanitas neighborhood. This artistic haven was conceived by local artist Jose Rodriguez Fuster who turned his home into a living canvas which has since spilled over to engulf the entire locality. And the great thing about going for a stroll through Fusterlandia is that it gives insight into how one man’s vision can transform ordinary surroundings into extraordinary works of art.

Fabrica de Arte Cubano (FAC) takes this concept further by being more than just an exhibition space for contemporary Cuban artists across disciplines such as painting, sculpture, and photography, among others. FAC doubles up as a cultural hub, hosting live music performances and film screenings, too. Taking in the eclectic mix at FAC allows visitors to immerse themselves fully in Cuba’s thriving creative landscape.

Havana – A Canvas Waiting To Be Explored

An appreciation for arts isn’t confined only to those visiting museums or attending exhibitions. It also spills onto the streets, where even casual strolls turn enriching thanks to colorful murals adorning walls around every corner.

If your itinerary includes exploring Cuban culture beyond the traditional tourist area, then adding these locations will make your trip all the more memorable.

For our lawyer attendees joining us for our Eduvacation℠ getaway from February 15-19th, 2024, we’ve planned exclusive guided tours, ensuring you don’t miss out on any aspect while exploring this beautiful city steeped in history and culture.

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Exploring Legal Education and Other Things to Do in Havana, Cuba from Destination CLEs at

The Famous Cuban Rum & Cigars

When you think of Cuba, two things typically spring to mind for people: rum and cigars. These iconic products are not just commodities; they’re integral parts of the island’s cultural fabric.

Cuba is world-renowned for its exceptional rum, a spirit that carries with it centuries-old traditions and techniques. While visiting Havana during our CLE conference in February 2024, lawyers and their guests will have an opportunity to delve into this rich heritage firsthand.

A Journey Through The History Of Cuban Rum

How did Cuba become synonymous with high-quality rum? What makes their distillation process unique?

Visit the museum in Havana dedicated to Cuban rum production and take a journey through time, learning about traditional methods used since colonial times. Here you can explore vintage equipment that’s still in use today while learning about traditional methods passed down from colonial times. And yes, there will be tastings!

Diving Into The World Of Fine Cigars

Of course, another quintessential aspect of Cuba is their famous cigars. Even if smoking isn’t your thing, understanding why Cuban cigars are revered worldwide offers fascinating insights into their local culture.

In Havana, you can take tours around renowned factories such as Habanos S.A., the state-owned tobacco company responsible for all premium brands made in Cuba. With in-depth sessions on cigar craftsmanship, you’ll get up close with artisans who’ve honed their craft over generations and learn how meticulous attention-to-detail goes into every single cigar rolled by hand. Get ready to explore what sets apart a fine Cuban cigar.

Relaxing on Beautiful Beaches Near Havana

For a break from the hustle and bustle of Havana, take a short drive to Playas del Este for some restful beachside relaxation under palm trees. This stunning stretch of coastline offers an idyllic escape for those seeking some white sand and sun-soaked relaxation after exploring central Havana.

Getting Around In Style

To truly appreciate your Cuban adventure, consider embarking on one of the iconic classic car tours offered throughout this historic city. Not only do these classic American cars provide a unique mode of transport, but they also offer fascinating insights into both Centro Havana neighborhoods and other scenic areas around this vibrant metropolis.

A popular choice among visitors is Cubatur, which provides guided tours with local drivers well-versed in Cuban culture and history. As they navigate through picturesque narrow streets filled with colorful buildings or along breathtaking coastal routes like Havana’s harbor area, their anecdotes add depth to each landmark visited during your Cuba trip.

The charm doesn’t end at riding in classic cars though; these tours often include stops at key landmarks such as Plaza de la Revolucion or El Capitolio. They present an excellent opportunity for lawyers attending our upcoming Eduvacation℠ conference who are keen on immersing themselves beyond traditional sightseeing options while earning their CLE credits amidst rich cultural experiences.

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Exploring Legal Education and Other Things to Do in Havana, Cuba from Destination CLEs at

Havana Eduvacation℠ Conference – A Unique Opportunity For Lawyers

Our Havana Eduvacation℠ conference presents a unique opportunity for legal professionals who are looking to broaden their horizons both personally and professionally. This event combines the best of education and vacation, providing a platform to learn, network, and relax in the vibrant city of Havana.

The conference agenda is meticulously designed to offer insightful sessions on Cuban law and legal reforms in this new period of U.S.-Cuba relations. Top industry leaders and experts will be sharing their knowledge, making it an ideal event for lawyers seeking to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving industry.

But the learning doesn’t stop in the conference room. Our Havana Eduvacation℠ getaway also allows you to immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of Havana. With its colorful architecture, vintage cars, lively music, and delicious cuisine, Havana offers a unique cultural experience that will surely enrich your perspective on the topics we’ll cover during the CLE sessions.

Moreover, this conference provides ample networking opportunities. You’ll get to connect with like-minded professionals from around the globe, share experiences, discuss ideas, and potentially form lasting professional relationships.

In summary, the Havana Eduvacation℠ conference isn’t just another legal conference. Instead, it’s a unique blend of professional development and cultural exploration. 

Whether you’re looking to gain new insights, expand your network, or simply enjoy a well-deserved break, this conference promises to deliver an experience that’s both enriching and enjoyable. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to combine work and pleasure in the heart of Havana. Click here to reserve your spot before this trip fills up! 


The city of Havana, Cuba is a destination that offers an abundance of cultural experiences and historical sites to explore.

From architectural wonders in central Havana to the unique nightlife, there’s always something to explore.

The taste of Cuban cuisine will unlock flavors you’ve never experienced before. Art lovers can dive into Havana’s thriving art scene at places like Fusterlandia and Fabrica de Arte Cubano. Cuban rum and cigars offer an authentic slice of the country’s heritage. And let’s not forget about relaxing on beautiful beaches near Havana after exploring all these attractions!

Now imagine combining this cultural exploration with enriching your legal knowledge.

At Destination CLEs, we believe learning doesn’t have to be confined within four walls.

Our Havana Eduvacation℠ conference provides lawyers with an opportunity to earn continuing legal education (CLE) hours while experiencing everything that makes a place like Havana so special.

Ready for a unique blend of education and vacation in Havana?

Click here to make your reservation today!


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