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How to Get Your CLE Credits: Explore Exciting Options (2023)

Being a lawyer necessitates being aware of how to acquire CLE credits, which is essential for retaining one’s license and staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. In this blog post, we’ll explore various methods and options that can help you earn those much-needed continuing legal education (CLE) hours.

We’ll discuss traditional and online CLE credit options such as pro bono work, mentoring other professionals or teaching law school courses, and writing articles or books for recognized legal publishers. Additionally, we’ll explore Eduvacation℠ trips from Destination CLEs, where you can combine leisure travel with fulfilling your mandatory CLE requirements.

Finally, we’ll examine state bar approved courses and study abroad programs tailored to meet the specific requirements of different jurisdictions. We’ll also highlight the benefits of joining organizations providing free virtual CLE opportunities. 

By exploring these diverse avenues for how to get your CLE credits, you’ll be well-equipped to maintain compliance while enriching your knowledge base as a dedicated attorney.

Traditional and Online CLE Credit Options

Lawyers can obtain their required hours of CLE credits through various traditional methods, such as attending in-person courses or participating in on-demand courses. These resources offer a wide range of topics covering soft interpersonal skills, hard technical expertise, and industry-specific knowledge to help professionals fulfill their credit requirements. In addition to these options, there are many alternative ways for lawyers to earn CLE credits.

Pro Bono Work for Earning CLE Credits

Many states allow attorneys to earn CLE credits by providing pro bono legal services. By volunteering your time and expertise to help those who cannot afford legal representation, you not only contribute positively towards society, but also gain valuable experience that counts towards your required continuing education.

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Mentoring Other Professionals or Teaching Law School Courses

If you have extensive knowledge in a particular area of law or practice management, consider sharing it with others by mentoring a law student or teaching at a local law school. This way, you can make an impact on the next generation of lawyers while earning some much-needed credits for your MCLE requirement.

Writing Articles or Books for Recognized Legal Publishers

  • Publishing articles: Writing informative articles on relevant legal topics for recognized publications is another excellent way to accumulate CLE credits. Many state bars accept this form of contribution as part of fulfilling CLE rules.
  • Authoring books: If you have the time and inclination, writing comprehensive books related to your field will not only establish yourself as an authority figure, but may also count towards meeting your yearly minimum requirements depending on specific state bar regulations.

While traditional and online CLE courses provide a variety of ways to meet your requirements, consider exploring alternative methods like Destination CLEs for an even more enjoyable and enriching experience. With Destination CLEs, you’ll not only earn CLE credits, but also enjoy a unique vacation experience in some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

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Eduvacation℠ Getaways from Destination CLEs

Attending Eduvacation℠ conferences offered by Destination CLEs is an innovative way to earn your required continuing education while enjoying vacation time in beautiful places around the world. 

With upcoming destinations like a Canada & New England Cruise; Santa Fe during the International Balloon Fiesta; a winter escape to Waikiki, Hawaii; and historic Savannah, Georgia; these unique experiences provide valuable educational opportunities tailored specifically towards practicing attorneys seeking professional development outside of their typical office surroundings or mobile devices.

Canada & New England Cruise

The Canada & New England Cruise from Destination CLEs offers a luxurious experience for lawyers looking to combine their love of travel with obtaining CLE credits with a focus on the Constitution. 

Attendees will have access to engaging seminars led by renowned legal experts while sailing through picturesque landscapes filled with rich history and culture. The cruise itinerary includes stops at charming ports such as Halifax, Nova Scotia; Bar Harbor, Maine; Boston, Massachusetts; Newport Rhode Island; New York City, and more. Embark on this journey with us from August 4-14, 2023.

Balloon Fiesta CLE in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe during the International Balloon Fiesta is another exciting opportunity for lawyers seeking both adventure and knowledge. As one of the most significant hot air balloon events globally, this vibrant festival provides a perfect backdrop for earning your CLE credits in style. 

Participants can attend insightful presentations on various legal topics like improving trial skills and ethics while immersing themselves in local art galleries or exploring historic sites that make Santa Fe truly enchanting. This Eduvacation℠ conference is taking place October 6-10, 2023

Waikiki, Hawaii in December

If you’re dreaming of sun-soaked beaches and tropical paradise vibes alongside your professional development, the Waikiki, Hawaii CLE seminar happening December 4-8, 2023 is perfect for you. 

Attendees can enjoy a mix of informative legal seminars on Estate Planning and leisure activities, such as surfing lessons or exploring lush hiking trails in their downtime. With its stunning natural beauty and vibrant local culture, Waikiki offers an unforgettable experience that combines work with pleasure.

Historic Savannah, Georgia

Last but not least, the charming city of Savannah, Georgia awaits lawyers looking to fulfill their CLE obligations amidst Southern hospitality and historic charm. 

This picturesque coastal town boasts beautiful architecture, delicious cuisine, and a rich history that will captivate attendees while they learn from top-notch legal professionals during engaging sessions tailored specifically for attorneys seeking professional growth. Join us January 15-19, 2024.

In addition to these fantastic destinations, Destination CLEs continuously updates their offerings to provide exciting new opportunities for lawyers who want to combine travel adventures with continuing education requirements. 

So why settle for traditional classroom settings when you can embark on an Eduvacation℠ getaway?

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State Bar Approved Courses and Study Abroad Programs

For lawyers based in specific states with mandatory annual credit hour obligations, such as California, you can find approved courses provided both through state bar organizations and partner associations like the California Lawyers Association (CLA)

State-Specific Requirements for Continuing Legal Education

Different states have varying requirements when it comes to continuing legal education. It’s essential for attorneys to be aware of their respective state’s regulations regarding CLE credits. Some jurisdictions require a certain number of hours for a one-year period or compliance period, while others mandate specific subject areas such as ethics or professional responsibility credits. To ensure you meet your state’s guidelines, visit the American Bar Association’s MCLE Rule.

Benefits of Joining Organizations Providing Free Virtual Continuing Legal Education

  • Ease of access: Virtual conference events allow participants to have a distance learning experience without having to worry about travel expenses or time away from work.
  • Affordability: Many professional associations offer free live CLE programs and online resources exclusively for members, making it an economical option for obtaining CLE credits.
  • Variety: With numerous topics covered by various experts in the field, live webcasts provide diverse learning opportunities tailored specifically to the needs of legal professionals.
  • Networking: Although virtual, these events still offer networking opportunities with fellow attorneys and industry experts through chat rooms, discussion boards, or social media platforms associated with the event.

Incorporating state bar approved MCLE courses and virtual CLE programs into your credit plan can provide a more enjoyable and engaging experience. Plus, by exploring various options such as Eduvacation℠ getaways from Destination CLEs or in-person conferences offered by professional associations like CLA, you can ensure that you meet your mandatory requirements while also broadening your knowledge base and expanding your professional network.

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If you’re looking to get your CLE credits, there are many options available. Traditional and online courses can provide the credits needed while Destination CLEs offers a unique opportunity for lawyers to combine their studies with an Eduvacation℠ live program in stunning locations around the world. 

All of these programs have been approved by State Bars so that attorneys can rest assured they’ll receive quality education when taking part in any of them. 

It’s time to take your legal career to the next level with Destination CLEs

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