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15 Best Female Lawyers to Follow on Instagram in 2023

Step up your legal game in 2023 by following the trailblazing women of the legal industry! Our list of the 15 Best Female Lawyers to Follow on Instagram will give you a front-row seat to their inspiring stories, insightful posts, and innovative approaches to the law. 

Let’s dive into this incredible list and get inspired by the brilliance and drive of these pioneering women. From breaking barriers to paving the way for the next generation of female lawyers, these women are making their mark on the legal world. Take advantage of the chance to enhance your knowledge and skills and follow these powerful women today.

Let’s get started!

1. Taylor Williams

Taylor is a talented female legal advisor based in Denver. With a focus on modern business owners, Taylor provides legal services customized to meet each client’s unique needs. She’s dedicated to understanding the specific needs of her clients and devising legal strategies that best protect their businesses and their hard-earned creations. Visit her page on Instagram at @DenverTrademarkLaw.

2. Alli Elmunzer

Alli Elmunzer, Esq. wears multiple hats as an attorney, businesswoman, public speaker, author, and podcast host. Her goal is to give entrepreneurs the legal tools they need to safeguard their companies so they can safely expand them.

In 2009, this boss girl launched her first business, a virtual law firm called Influencer Legal, after realizing how desperately other small business owners needed legal advice, education, and services.

In addition to all her business ventures, there’s loads of helpful information on her Instagram account @attorneyalli.

3. Amanda Demanda

Attorney Amanda Demanda established the Amanda Demanda Law Group to offer proactive and specialized legal counsel to each client who suffered a personal injury due to another’s carelessness or reckless behavior.

As a seasoned attorney with expertise working with large firms and insurance companies, she already knows how the other side thinks. This experience allows Amanda to negotiate for her client’s legal needs effectively.

Check her Instagram stories at @attorney_amanda_demanda.

4. April Jones

April Jones, a renowned family law attorney, civic activist, and businesswoman, is well-recognized throughout Colorado. Plus, she’s been recently awarded the title of one of Colorado’s best lawyers.

As one of the most powerful women in law, her influence is evident in the positions she occupies in her personal and professional life. Aside from volunteering her time and knowledge to numerous organizations in the local community, she also served as the Sam Cary Bar Association’s president in 2005 and 2021.

Her Instagram handle is @apriljoneslaw. 

5. Naheed Taj

Naheed Taj, known as @TopFamilyLawyer on Instagram, is a well-respected Divorce Lawyer and Partner at Child & Child law firm. With extensive experience leading a highly successful Family Law department in a Thames Valley legal practice, Naheed brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to her clients. 

She is dedicated to providing personalized advice and support to those going through the divorce process, ensuring that her clients achieve their desired outcomes while also receiving the care and guidance they need during this difficult time.

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6. Carmiece T. Graves

Many lawyers in DC provide estate planning services, but Carmiece Graves Law is simply one of the best. Attorney Carmiece knows that you must weigh the impact of your financial decisions on other aspects of your life, and she has an uncanny ability to help clients with financial advice.

Aside from estate planning, she also provides potential clients with legal tips and essential discussions on her radio show. You can tune in to these on Facebook or Instagram. Additionally, if you prefer longer videos, her YouTube channel is Carmiece T. Graves, Esquire.

Find her on Instagram at @carmiece_law.

7. Shushanik Margarian

Of course, social networks are great places to post beautiful photos and branded marketing content. Shushanik Margarian does a fabulous job posting both! Aside from being a lawyer at the Margarian Law Firm with a focus on California Lemon Law and Auto Dealer Fraud, she also posts Insta-worthy pictures on her Instagram account.

Plus, Shushanik posts amusing reels to inform customers about their rights in the car industry. Her objective is to give consumers more control over their legal affairs.

Her Insta handle is @shushanik.margarian_esq.

8. Taylor M. Tieman

Forbes recently featured Taylor Tieman for her trailblazing work for Latin Content Creators. Aside from being one of the top legal professionals, Tieman is also a small business owner. Plus, she aims to educate and encourage fellow entrepreneurs.

Her Instagram, @legalmiga, discusses legal issues in business and trademarks.

9. Elena Favaro

Another business mentor and lawyer that you can follow on Insta is Elena Favaro. She began her career as a lawyer and later expanded her offerings to include mentoring for service sector business owners. 

Her business venture, @ContractsForEntrepreneurs, offers template versions of contracts for online business owners who need to protect their enterprises. This lady lawyer aims to support female business owners while ensuring their operations expand legally and safely. Her handle is @wheredidshegonow.

10. Ashly Valenzuela

Los Angeles is known to be home to the stars, and Ashly Valenzuela aims to help artists, performers, and creators to protect themselves from possible injustices. AV Legal & Entertainment, Ashly’s law firm, specializes in trademarks, business, contracts, and music. 

Despite the recent establishment of her legal practice, she already gives legal advice to the likes of Teddy Riley. Her Instagram page, @avlegalent, has great content for people who enjoy entertainment news and its implications in the legal system.

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11. Antonella Colella

Industry experts like Attorney Antonella Colella offer extremely useful legal services when it comes to the development of your business account. And her 10+ years of experience as a business lawyer has allowed her to also delve into beauty and wellness, e-commerce, clothing, professional services, real estate, legal tech, and more.

Similarly, she is heavily involved in corporate counseling. Instagram users can check out her video content on @antonella_esq, where she offers the best practices in beauty business, among other types of legal advice.

12. Andrea Sager

Lawyer, author, keynote speaker, and podcast host Andrea Sager isn’t slowing down anytime soon. According to, Andrea ranks 27th among the top Trademark Attorneys in the United States.

Moreover, she also makes sure that she regularly posts fun videos related to the law on her social media platform with the handle @andreasagerlaw.

13. Tanya Appachu

Tanya Appachu’s account boasts 194k followers, and we’re not surprised since she’s among Forbes’ Top 100 Digital Stars!

Specifically geared towards improving people’s lives, Tanya is one of the law influencers whose target audience is someone who wants to understand the law without all the jargon.

Follow her at @yourinstalawyer so you can comprehend the legal industry better.

14. Erika Kullberg

With 4.3M followers, Erika Kull berg’s Instagram is a goldmine of great ideas! Her practical approach to money matters offers valuable information to law students drowning in student loans, entrepreneurs of small firms, and the general public.

Here’s a link to her Instagram account, @erikankullberg.

15. Nicole Moorman

Finally, we have super lawyer Nicole Moorman, dubbed one of the top 40 lawyers by National Trial Lawyers. Her vast expertise in managing various state and federal criminal cases, including traffic tickets to federal RICO prosecutions involving several defendants, makes her an excellent choice for any legal team.

As a result of her work experience as a probation officer, Nicole also has the expertise and knowledge to assist new clients in the post-conviction procedure. Follow her at @_kingcole_.

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Conclusion for the Best Female Lawyers to Follow on Instagram

Take advantage of the chance to learn from some of the top female lawyers in the game! Following these powerhouse women on Instagram is a no-brainer for anyone looking to up their legal knowledge and get inspired. Their posts are jam-packed with valuable insights and motivating stories that are sure to give you an edge in your own legal practice.

Additionally, another way you can take your legal education to the next level is by signing up for our engaging CLE courses in beautiful locations around the world. From the U.S. Virgin Islands to Alaska to even Dublin, Ireland, our Eduvacations℠ are the perfect mix of legal training and fun.

Plus, for even more resources and tips, be sure to check out the rest of our posts on the Destination CLEs blog!


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