You are currently viewing Earn Your CLE Credits Abroad with Destination CLEs!

Earn Your CLE Credits Abroad with Destination CLEs!

Did you know that you can earn your credits for CLE abroad?

That’s right—now you can fulfill your continuing legal education (CLE) requirements while enjoying a relaxing vacation at the same time with Destination CLEs.

Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive beach getaway or an urban adventure in a faraway city, we have a CLE vacation to suit your needs. Here are some of the exciting eduvacation℠ packages you can choose from!

Why Go for a Destination CLE Abroad?

If you got burned out completing your CLEs online during the pandemic, taking the eduvacation℠ of a Destination CLE is a great way to not only earn your academic credits, but also to experience a new culture and create some fun new memories.

But why else is taking a Destination CLE an absolute must during your legal career? Here are the top five reasons:

1) In-Person Networking

It’s no secret that in-person networking and meeting new legal contacts face-to-face has many benefits for your career, including opportunities that sometimes arise from building new relationships. Plus, face-to-face interactions can also build confidence and improve social interactions, which will also benefit your career in the long run.

2) A Well-Deserved Break

The legal profession is notorious for being fast-paced and hectic. Of course, even law students are not immune to the hustle and bustle of this field, thanks to the heavy workload they often experience in law school. Going on a Destination CLE not only refreshes your mind, but it also gives your body a much needed and well-deserved break. After all, if you don’t make time to replenish your energy, you’re putting yourself at risk for lawyer burnout—a serious issue that will prevent you from reaching your full potential. This is why making time for vacations is actually vital to a successful career in law.

3) Builds Relationships

Of course, you don’t have to travel alone if you want to complete your CLE credit hours abroad. With Destination CLEs, you can bring your family, friends, and colleagues, too! Plus, we offer group rates and packages for excursions and fun experiences that your non-lawyer travel companions will be thrilled to join you on. With Destination CLEs, you can complete your MCLE requirement while enjoying family time in an exotic location. Trust us, learning is way better with your loved ones around!

4) Increases Knowledge

The practice of law is a never-ending learning experience. Aside from improving your knowledge of the law, you’ll also get to study comparative law when you travel abroad for your CLEs. Plus, traveling abroad gives you a chance to get to know different cultures, food, and interesting people. The learning opportunities with an eduvacation℠ from Destination CLEs are truly endless!

5) Improves Health

It’s no secret that vacations and fun trips are refreshing. In fact, taking a vacation has been shown to improve mental health, boost moods, increase creativity, and improve overall well-being (source). In other words, the health benefits of traveling abroad are actually scientifically proven!

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Earn Your CLE Abroad with Destination CLEs at

Earn Your CLE Abroad in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland is a great place to go if you’re ready to complete your CLEs abroad! Dublin is famous for its warm and welcoming people who are known for their intelligence, repartee, and humor. It’s also listed as a 2010 UNESCO City of Literature.

Another reason to go to Dublin is the Guinness beer which is made locally there and served in countless pubs, restaurants, and bars all over the world. Plus, this historic city has over 1,000 pubs that have inspired a lot of literary influencers in Ireland over the centuries.

These are just a few of the reasons why Destination CLEs offer lawyers a chance to go to Dublin, Ireland for a week-long CLE program. This conference in “The Emerald Isle” offers 17.5 CLE hours and plenty of exciting, immersive tours!

Here’s what you can expect from our Dublin CLE experience:

Topics for the CLE Abroad in Dublin:

The Digital Transformation of Law

There will be discussions on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. These topics are very important in moving your business to the future of legal practice.

International Humanitarian Law (IHL) – Rules in War

This topic focuses on the protocols and defining laws in IHL. It also covers International Human Rights Law.

Access to Justice in a Virtual World

Get to know the pros and cons of online communications and hearings.

Dual Citizenship: The Advantage of Having Two Countries with Different Tax Systems

This session takes a look at earning an income in two different countries.

Irish Criminal Courts Procedure

Get to know about the differences between Irish and US courts.

How Irish Solicitors are Trained in Ireland

The European Union Powerful Legal Architecture and Its Law-Making Institutions

Familiarize yourself with the political framework of the EU and its comparison with the US.

The Greatest Show on Earth: The European Union’s Four Freedoms of Goods, Services, Corporation, and Money.

Why Do U.S. Corporations Use Ireland as Their European HQ?

This topic familiarizes you with the Four Freedoms.

Ethically Representing the Petitioner and Beneficiary in Business Immigration: The Business and the Employee

This topic is important, especially to immigration lawyers.

DAOs for Justice

Learn about how “tokenomics” can affect your practice.

When Every Day Becomes the Lost Weekend: The Ethical Challenges Presented by Attorney Alcohol Abuse

This topic touches on alcohol abuse in the legal field and its effects.

The Rules of Professional Responsibility

This is an important ethics rule created for the benefit of the client and law firms.

Immersive Tours Available on This Dublin Trip:

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

This tour is a great introduction to the history and culture of Ireland.

Guinness Storehouse

Walk the seven floors of the Guinness Storehouse and sample this iconic beer right where it’s made!

Dublin City Tour

Visit the Trinity College Book of Kells and learn why it’s the most famous medieval manuscript. More tours will be available soon.

Johnnie Fox’s Hooley Show

Enjoy the world-famous Johnnie Fox Hooley Show with traditional Irish music, dancing, and food!

Kilmainham Gaol Tour

Dive into the fascinating history of Kilmainham Gaol, where political and military leaders of Ireland once met.

Click here for more information about tours available on this Dublin CLE trip.

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Earn Your CLE Abroad with Destination CLEs at

U.S.-Based Destination CLEs

However, if you don’t want to go abroad for your CLEs, we also offer plenty of other out-of-state courses right here in the United States. These take place in beautiful locations, with no passport needed!

Puerto Rico

Ah, magical Puerto Rico! After all, PR isn’t called the Island of Enchantment for nothing. Save your spot now for this exotic getaway while there’s still spots left! Click here to learn more about this CLE retreat and to reserve your spot.


Who doesn’t love visiting bright and sunny Hawaii? If you haven’t visited the Paradise of the Pacific yet, get ready to mark it off your bucket list. More than half the seats for this Destination CLE have already been booked, so register now so you don’t miss out on this tropical adventure!

US Virgin Islands

USVI is truly America’s Caribbean Paradise! This travel destination is extremely popular if you’re looking for a good time, great food, and gorgeous beaches. Earning your required CLE credits here is a total win-win! Don’t miss out and reserve your spot here.


If you love the great outdoors, going for a CLE conference to America’s Last Frontier is a huge treat! Join us in Anchorage, AK in May, when the weather is not too cold and not too hot—but just perfect enough to enjoy a glass of wine or a beer while soaking in the views of the glaciers & natural wonders of the land. Register now to get exclusive deals on this trip!

New Mexico

Or, you can join us in the beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico in October—one of the most beautiful times of the year in the Southwest. During this eduvacation℠, you’ll get to learn about trial topics and also catch the stunning views of over 500 colorful hot air balloons take off and paint the sky. Sign up for this adventure here!

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If you’re bored with the standard on-demand CLE credits online, it’s time to book an eduvacation℠ with Destination CLEs!

Destination CLEs offers an opportunity to earn your required Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits in a new and exciting location. With destinations all over the world, you can choose the perfect spot for you and your colleagues to learn and network, while also exploring or catching some much-needed R&R.

The packages we offer include everything that will give you the chance to explore a new corner of the globe while satisfying your mandatory CLE requirements.

When it comes to advancing your career, what could be better than that? Click here to book your next getaway!

Have you taken a Destination CLE yet? Tell us in the comments!


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