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The Best Continuing Legal Education Seminars 2023

Lawyers, attorneys, and legal practitioners—here’s some exciting news for you: we’ve rounded up the best continuing legal education seminars in 2022! If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve and learn about the latest developments in the law, then you won’t want to miss these CLE seminars.

Whether you’re interested in criminal law, family law, intellectual property law, or something else entirely, there’s something on this list for everyone. So, mark your calendar and register today – these seminars are sure to sell out fast!

Top Continuing Legal Education Seminars 2022

Among the best practices of lawyers is to make sure they check out the top CLE seminars every year. Let’s take a look at the top legal CLE conferences in 2022, where you can either join in-person events or virtual legal conferences:

1.   Destination CLEs Mediterranean Cruise – Sept. 2022

Get that natural sun-kissed tan while enjoying some of the most beautiful cities in the world with the Mediterranean Cruise 2022 from Destination CLEs! With this Eduvacation℠, you’ll journey along a breathtaking stretch of the Mediterranean while learning invaluable insights on topics related to social media pieces of evidence, networking activities, and people skills during the CLE sessions. On this CLE Cruise, you’ll get to sail with Princess Cruise Lines while enjoying all the amenities the Regal ship has to offer. Click here to download the brochure and learn more about the pre- and post-cruise excursions being offered in Athens, Greece, and Barcelona, Spain. Then, clear out your September 17 to 24, 2022 schedule and book the Eduvacation℠ from Destination CLEs that you deserve!

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The Best Continuing Legal Education Seminars 2022 from Destination CLEs at

2. Destination CLEs Island of Enchantment CLE in Puerto Rico – Dec. 2022

If you enjoy fresh rum, white sand beaches, and exploring the rainforest, join us for the best legal conference you’ll ever attend in Puerto Rico! Our keynote speakers are experts with of different backgrounds in the legal industry and they’ll be discussing topics such as family law, domestic violence, mental health, and professional competence during our CLE sessions. Plus, since PR is a territory of the United States, you don’t even have to bring your passport or change your USD!

Click here to book your Eduvacation℠ in Puerto Rico or download the brochure for more information.

Also, don’t forget to check out our upcoming 2023 conferences in Waikiki, Oahu (Intellectual Property Law), St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands (Personal Injury Cases), Anchorage, Alaska (Technology), and Dublin, Ireland (General Ethics Law).

3. The Summit

The Summit’s schedule for their National Solo and Small Law Firms Conference is scheduled in Orlando, Florida for November 3 to 4, 2022. If you’re traveling for this CLE seminar, make sure to book in advance at the Hyatt Regency International Airport. Plus, you can get the Early Bird Special Pricing when you register at least a month in advance.

4. Clio Cloud Conference

If you prefer to take your CLEs at home, save the date for the virtual Clio Cloud Conference on October 10 to 11, 2022, streaming live from Nashville, Tennessee. Clio is one of the popular legal software agencies that many law firms and businesses use. Don’t forget to check for the early registration rates that they offer, too.

5. American Bar Association: ABA TECHSHOW

If you’re interested in learning about the latest developments in legal technology available to your legal practice, ABA TECHSHOW is the place to be. This three-day event will feature 60 panels with presentations covering five topics. Get to know everything from growth strategies to marketing, and even cyber security measures. If you’re joining virtually, there are two additional online components available this year.

6. Legalweek

While this conference already took place in 2022, we thought it was still worth mentioning Legalweek on this list, as this event will be back from March 20 to 23, 2023. This will be a live series hosted in New York City that will also stream through a virtual event. As for the CLE credit hours offered during this seminar, the topics will be Practice Management, Cybersecurity, Contract Lifecycle Management, and many more. 

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The Best Continuing Legal Education Seminars 2022 from Destination CLEs at

Top CLE Seminars by Topic 2022

Next, we’ll take a look at different topics that are offered by a few other legal education events in the US this year.

1. Intellectual Property Law

If you’re close to California, you might want to check out the American Intellectual Property Law Association’s Annual Meeting. Their sessions cover topics like patent prosecution, copyright law, and trademark regulations, with more topics planned for the future. For those who can’t attend the live CLE programs, it will also be available on-demand for virtual streaming with select live broadcasts. All of these meetings will be held in October or November 2022.

2. Labor and Employment Law

This year, the American Bar Association will be hosting its 15th annual Labor and Employment Law Conference, which offers mixed networking opportunities as well as CLE classes taught by some interesting speakers who are very well versed in employment laws. This annual event is held every November.

3. Immigration Law

Although this conference has already taken place in 2022, we thought it was worth mentioning that the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) will hold its annual conference on Immigration Law again between June 21 and 24, 2023 in Orlando, Florida. This conference is the perfect opportunity for practitioners from all areas of immigration law to come together and participate in an in-depth discussion about trends in their field. The event offers multi-track formats with fundamental, intermediate, or advanced level programming, allowing all attendees to find content to help with their career path.

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We hope this list of the best continuing legal education seminars for 2022 has provided you with the options you need, whether you’re a solo attorney or prefer to be found in a group of legal professionals.

While there are many ways to obtain your mandatory CLE credits this year, none will offer you the learning and networking you need combined with a fun vacation other than Destination CLEs.

With the Eduvacation℠ of Destination CLEs, you can attend an exciting continuing education program and learn new skills from legal experts in fun, exotic destinations around the globe.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to start planning the most fun CLEs you’ll ever earn today!


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