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How to Fulfill Your CLE Requirements on an Exotic CLE Cruise

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) is a professional development program which is usually mandatory for lawyers. In other words, it’s usually a required program that attorneys need to attend to maintain their license, depending on what state the attorney practices in.

Many states require at least some form of mandatory CLEs in order for lawyers to keep practicing law. However, there are some states in United States that don’t require CLEs, such as the District of Columbia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, and South Dakota. Still, this program is a good way to know more about the developments in the legal system, even if it isn’t mandatory where you practice.

Most of the time, CLEs are done in-person in some type of event setting. During the pandemic, online completion became the primary way lawyers completed their CLE hours.

Have you experienced completing your CLE program outside of the city? If not, then it’s about time to try out an exciting CLE opportunity.

Did you know that you can fulfill your Continuing Legal Education credits on an exotic cruise? You read that right—instead of sitting in a boring seminar room, you could be sipping cocktails on the deck of a luxury liner after attending a CLE all day while at sea.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, keep reading! We’ll tell you everything you need to know about booking your CLE cruise.

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How to Fulfill Your CLE Requirements on an Exotic Cruise from Destination CLEs at

Mediterranean Sea CLE Cruise 2022

If you’ve never been to the Mediterranean, this is your chance to join a unique voyage of sea travel!

First, drink in the sights of the ancient city of Athens, Greece, where you’ll embark on the Princess Cruise Lines. While making your way to the island of Santorini, you’ll have plenty of time to join shipboard activities.

Next, the cruise ship will be docking at Kotor, a coastal town of beautiful Montenegro. Tourists especially enjoy getting lost in its streets filled with museums, churches, old-time pubs, and historical taverns.

After this, you’ll move on to Messina, Sicily’s northeastern harbor city. While you’re here, you’ll get to feast your eyes on the Norman Messina Cathedral, which houses the world’s largest astronomical clock.

And after that, who wouldn’t want to go to one of the most romantic cities in Italy—Naples! Here, you’ll get to enjoy local customs like the art, food, and clothing.

Finally, you’ll end up in Barcelona—one of the artistic epicenters of Spain. Here, you can enjoy fantastic architecture, tasty cuisine, and football in this majestic city!

During your Mediterranean Sea Cruise, you’ll be earning 12 CLE credit hours within just two days of the cruise!

Some of the topics covered on this Eduvacation℠ of Destination CLEs are ethics, negotiations, social media, managing high-profile cases, and more. Check out the itinerary at Destination CLEs for more information and to book your trip.

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How to Fulfill Your CLE Requirements on an Exotic Cruise from Destination CLEs at

Puerto Rico CLE 2022

If you’re not sure about taking a cruise to fulfill your 2022 CLE requirements, consider a landlubber vacation instead.

One of the best locations to book your December vacation is in Puerto Rico!

This U.S. territory is home to miles and miles of white sand beaches, natural rainforests, and three of the world’s bioluminescent bays! If it’s your first time in Puerto Rico, we highly suggest taking a short bike ride to the beach. Here, you can go for one of many exciting shore excursions with your family or friends.

The three-day CLE sessions during this Eduvacation℠ of Destination CLEs in Puerto Rico cover topics on military family law, mental health, substance abuse, and more. You can check the schedule here.

After your CLE seminar, you can go for a relaxing evening of kayaking or join a bio bay tour. Or you can go to the nightlife district for dancing. There are also multiple foodie havens along the beachfront for your cravings! And the hotel has a casino!

Oh, before we forget, you have a day of rest and relaxation in between your seminar. Plan your day with special tours of your choice! Another option is to take a trip to Casa Bacardi for rum tasting. Here, they have an exclusive blend that’s not available anywhere else in the world. You might also like to relax in El Yunque National Forest or try out the zipline adventure in Toro Verde Adventure Park.

There’s so much to do in Puerto Rico that you might even extend your stay!

Plan your CLEs for 2023

Destination CLEs has got you covered for your 2023 CLE plans, too!

Plan your time off for mid-April to spend your Eduvacation℠ of Destination CLEs in St. Thomas, in the U.S. Virgin Islands. With this trip, you’ll get to spend five days in The Frenchman’s Reef Westin Beach Resort overlooking Pacquereau Bay!

The three-day seminar will have topics about expert witnesses, personal injury cases, mediation, and many more. Plus, you’ll earn about 12 CLE hours on this vacation!

The remaining two days will be spent on your choice of relaxing, tours, or fun excursions. St. Thomas has everything from helmet dives to parasailing, so you’re sure to have a great time while you’re here!

And if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can even go to Dublin, Ireland for your CLEs!

This destination CLE will take about eight days in June of 2023, so you need to plan out your vacation leave! As for your CLE requirements, this Ireland tour will have you leaving with 17.5 hours of credits. The topics will be international humanitarian law (IHL), the law in the digital world, and Irish criminal law, among others.

After this, you’ll still have three fantastic days of exploring the Emerald Isle! Dublin has plenty of fun activities, from touring the historic Kilmainham Gaol museum, visiting St. Patrick’s Cathedral, or watching the Johnnie Fox’s Hooley Show.

A Destination CLE is truly a no-brainer. After all, going a much-deserved vacation with your family or friends is the perfect way to keep your stress levels down. Even the American Bar Association recommends lawyers go on vacations often. Just imagine—you’ll get to finish your CLE requirements while vacationing!

Plus, all of the locations offered by Destination CLEs have all the amenities that a tourist may need. You can download the brochure on each Destination’s page to check the availability of gyms, pools, and parking lots for rental cars.

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How to Fulfill Your CLE Requirements on an Exotic Cruise from Destination CLEs at


If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to fulfill your CLE requirements, look no further than Destination CLEs.

We offer vacations to beautiful and exotic locations all over the world, complete with top-notch education programs led by some of the most respected attorneys in the field.

Our team has years of experience planning and executing successful Destination CLEs, so you can relax and enjoy your time on your vacation while learning from the best.

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