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30 Best Legal Apps for Lawyers in 2023

As a lawyer, you know that technology is a powerful tool that can help you do your job more effectively. In fact, there are many legal apps out there that can make your life easier. This list of the 30+ best legal apps for lawyers includes apps for organizing your cases, researching laws and court decisions, drafting documents, and more. 

Plus, we’ll be moving away from the common apps that are already very well-known even beyond the legal industry, such as GSuite, Dropbox, or Evernote. So whatever tasks you need to accomplish as a lawyer, chances are there’s an app for that. Check out this list of the best apps and see for yourself!

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Productivity Legal Apps

1. Clio is one of the leading legal practice management software apps out there. Trusted by over half a million lawyers in over 100 countries, this software management system provides everything lawyers need to grow their law firm. Clio helps attorneys work smarter, not harder with its efficient client intake and simplified case management process. Plus, with automated document creation and billing, Clio makes it easy to track billings and payments.

2. LawStream boasts to be a comprehensive and reliable law practice management software. It features almost everything that a law firm would need to help it run smoothly and efficiently, from billing and invoicing to document management and trust accounting. LawStream is also equipped with powerful CRM and legal case management tools to help prevent attorneys from overlooking details. And because LawStream is cloud-based, it can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

3. TMetric is an app that helps its users with time tracking, and project and task management that improves work efficiency. The app comes with flexible reporting and billing features that would save much effort in having to recheck projects just for accounting issues. TMetric also tries to integrate multiple apps and software to make work faster and smoother.

4. Actionstep is the perfect solution for law firms of all sizes. Since this software combines CRM, Matter Management, Document Assembly & Management, Time & Billing, Trust & Office Accounting, and Reporting, among others, it makes sure that lawyers are more focused on their clients and operations instead of being distracted by administrative tasks.

5. iManage makes sure that all legal documents are managed well to improve how they are stored and shared across the firm. By providing unbroken workflow and efficient collaboration, iManage makes it easier for lawyers to work with documents daily. With its robust security features, iManage ensures that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information. In addition, its user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage documents, even for those who are not familiar with document management systems.

6. Needles is the perfect case management software for any office, especially in the legal field. It is highly customizable and comes with ready-made checklist samples that make it easy to get started. With Needles, lawyers can assign responsibilities, track deadlines, and communicate with clients easily. Needles makes it easy to see a case through from start to finish, making it the perfect tool for any office.

7. Legalboards is the perfect platform for legal professionals seeking a more efficient way to get their tasks done. With a minimalist user interface and boards to make your workflow visual and efficient, Legalboards make it easy to get started with team collaborations, activity tracking, and data integrations.

8. Smart Advocate is a legal case management software that makes managing documents and getting an overview of cases a breeze. Developed for attorneys and paralegals engaged in active legal practice, Smart Advocate offers dashboards that let lawyers track cases and handle client flow effectively. Plus, with easy navigation and a text search feature based on keywords related to cases, this software is perfect for law firms looking for a one-stop solution to improve office routine and employee productivity.  

9. LEAP occupies a unique position in the legal software market as it includes traditional practice management and legal accounting attributes, document assembly and management, and other traditional legal publishing assets as well. It also includes a comprehensive library of state and federal forms for document automation and it even records time spent on emails, phone calls, and letters. Based on cloud technology, it’s integrated with Microsoft 365 so you can securely work and collaborate with this software anywhere and at any time.

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Tools & Resources Legal Apps

10. Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin can help clients book appointments and pay online for lawyer fees.

11. Dialpad is a business phone system that allows firms to manage their calls more effectively. With features like call-time tracking, customizable call routing, and other innovative tools, Dialpad makes it easier for attorneys to keep track of their billable hours. With Dialpad’s remote capabilities, law firms can work with clients and colleagues across the globe without any hassle.

12. Evident is the perfect solution for those in need of legal services. This platform makes it easy for consumers to connect with lawyers and get the advice they need, when they need it. Lawyers can sign up and the app will connect clients directly to lawyers.

13. Rocket Lawyer is a unique legal platform that provides multiple solutions for law professionals. With hundreds of verified documents, tailored to specific law firms’ needs, Rocket Lawyer makes it easy for lawyers to handle any document with ease and even sign them, too.

14. Black’s Law Dictionary 10th Edition is the most comprehensive and reliable data source for legal professionals. With over 50,000 terms defined and related terms hyperlinked, it has everything a lawyer would need to support his or her research. Bookmarking and audio pronunciations make finding information quick and easy, and the 100-year legacy of Black’s Law Dictionary means that this app is a trusted and accurate knowledge platform.

15. Law Dictionary Offline is a handy and practical reference tool for anyone in the legal profession. It provides a comprehensive source of clear legal terms and their meanings, in a concise and easy-to-use format. This legal dictionary is another great tool for attorneys. 

16. Westlaw app is the perfect tool for legal research. It provides fast and easy access to all of the features a lawyer would need to get the needed information. With the ability to email, print, or download documents, even the busiest lawyer can use this app anywhere and anytime.

17. PathLegal is the leading global provider of software and services to legal professionals. It includes a website for lawyers and attorneys, legal case management software, and a mobile app. PathLegal software is designed to help law firms expand their client base and increase efficiency.

18. Lawyer Case Diary is a tool designed to be a virtual planner for on-the-go lawyers. It helps with managing lawyer’s cases and clients. With its easy-to-use interface, it can keep track of all case information, schedule reminders for upcoming hearings, and more.

19. TrialPad is a comprehensive and easy-to-use courtroom presentation tool for a lawyer’s iPad. With its wide range of features, powerful tools, and easy navigation, TrialPad makes creating presentations a breeze. Easily annotate, organize and present evidence with this app.

20. Dictamus is an important tool that can help lawyers with recorded content. Transcribe recorded content with Dictamus. It is a high-quality recorder that can be installed on a mobile phone, and it also has the option to convert audio files into transcribed text. This is an essential tool for anyone in the legal profession, as it will help legal professionals stay organized and efficient.

21. iLegal can transform the way lawyers do legal research. With regular updates, lawyers will always have access to the latest legislation. iLegal is the smart choice for anyone serious about getting the job done right.

22. Business Card Reader app is an essential tool for lawyers who need to quickly and easily store contact information and professional profiles. The app captures data instantly, and it works in 25 languages. It’s also handy for making introductions before a meeting, as users can share their contact details by sending an email with their digital business card.

23. SmartLeges is the perfect law reader app for anyone who needs quick and easy access to the laws of multiple countries. With just a few taps, lawyers can have the laws of the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Spain, and more at their fingertips. From lawyers needing to reference foreign law to students studying for an exam, SmartLeges is an invaluable resource.

24. Shake is a mobile application that enables law firms to manage their contracts and agreements more efficiently. With Shake, attorneys can simply pick a template, sign it right from their smartphone, and send it to other participants. It is a secure and easy-to-use platform that offers a wide variety of document management options. With Shake, busy legal practitioners can save time and money on contract processing and agreement signing.

25. Overcast is the perfect app for playing podcasts on an iPhone, and it’s totally free. There are multiple podcasts available for lawyers, all of which are brilliantly reviewed.

26. LawStack compiles CFR, USC, and state laws to any Android or iOS mobile for offline reference. Basically, it’s a legal library that can help legal professionals with their research.

27. NOLO Plain English Dictionary is an alternative dictionary to Black’s Law Dictionary. This is also a great tool that provides definitions in a much easier-to-understand language.

28. Congress+ is a tool that can help lawyers keep track of what’s happening in the U.S. Congress. This app has the contact details of the current elected officials and their staff.

29. Oyez is a way for lawyers to stay up-to-date on the latest U.S. Supreme Court decisions. This app provides access to transcripts, audio files, and other information on constitutional law cases heard by the Court. With Oyez, lawyers can easily search for specific cases or browse by topic. Plus, the app includes voting alignments and biographical sketches for all of the current justices.

30. TrackBill mobile app is the most comprehensive and user-friendly tool available for tracking legislation. With access to a database of 700,000 bills, 5,000 committee memberships, and 10,000 legislators, the app provides attorneys with everything they need to stay up-to-date on the latest legislative developments.

31. Fastcase has made it easier than ever to access cases and statutes using citations, phrases, keywords, or Boolean operators. The app is free to download and use, even without a paid membership. Fastcase makes legal research faster, easier, and more convenient than ever before.

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While this list of legal apps is not exhaustive, it should provide a good starting point for any lawyer looking to increase their efficiency and productivity. Even while you’re away on a trip, these apps can help boost productivity while making sure that you’re connected.


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